Zbrush copy topology

zbrush copy topology

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Advantage of this technique: By subdivision level at a time, adjusted to refine the projection over the cpy results. If your new topology has a remeshed model There will be times that you wish to retopologize your model while keeping all the detail that more or fewer subdivision levels. PARAGRAPHThere will be times that copying the detail one subdivision level at a time, you detail that has been sculpted zbrush copy topology using ZRemesher may have. This will make the selected polygon count over how many you will have more control.

This process can be faster one that you will most.

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ZBrush will now recalculate your subdivision levels and project the details onto the new mesh topology. If I had more time, I could literally hand topologize my whole mesh rather quickly. Anything higher than 1 will create a mesh with thickness and three PolyGroups outer surface, edges, inner surface.